Autumn Essentials


As far as fashion goes, autumn is definitely my favourite time of year to shop. The weather is perfect for layering, wearing warm sweaters and cosy socks. And even through the layering you can still show off some skin (shorts and knee highs, yes please!). For each season, it is essential to gather up a few staple pieces that you will wear non-stop. And who doesn’t love to go shopping for cosy socks?

Although parting with that perfect pair of high waisted shorts and those uncountable pairs of colourful crop tops  might be hard I decided to create a list of my essentials items for this autumn.

If I could only have one autumn essential it would be the perfect pair of combat boots.  These combat boots from Charlotte Russe are so versatile they can be paired with almost everything. My favourite way to wear them is laced up with some cosy socks peeking from the top. This adds that little something to an outfit that makes it cute and comfy but looks (and is!) effortless.

Get these perfect boots here.

Source: Charlotte Russe

My next essential for autumn would have to be knit hat and beanies. They don’t only act like an accessory but they actually have a purpose. I feel like adding jewellery adds to an outfit but adding a cute hat or scarf keeps you warm as well! I really like this cream beanie from H&M as I tend to go for beanies with pom-poms and this one is perfect. As for the scarf I feel like it speaks for itself. My new favourite autumn scarf? Definitely!

Get the beanie here.

Get the scarf here.

Sources: H&M , Forever 21

And now the outliner of any fall fashion freaks wardrobe would have to be leggings. Hated by some and absolutely relished by others (e.g me), leggings are a huge trend this autumn and I mean I’m totally taking advantage of this as it really feels like I’m still wearing my pyjamas.. Even though leggings are incredibly comfortable to wear I sometimes feel like I feel  more comfortable wearing something a little less..tight.

Get these leggings here.

Source:  Forever21

It’s time to dig through the back of your closets and search for forgotten skirts because not only are skater skirts a huge trend but they are my number one favourite thing to wear when I want to make an outfit more girly and add a bit of pzaz. I feel like American Apparel  make great circle skirts even though they’re really expensive and I absolutely love the fit of them!

Buy the sunflower skirt here.

Buy the black denim skirt here.

Source: American Apparel, The Hunt

Now my last staple clothing piece would have to be slouchy, oversized cardigans. It has been proven that they are the perfect partner for any outfit and add that extra warmth you need. If you are not on the hunt for the perfect oversized cardigan then now is the time to begin. And if you are sitting there knowing you’ve found your perfect cardigan.. well hey you can never have too many, right?

Buy this cardigan here.

Source: Forever21

These are just a few of my autumn essential but be expecting more!


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